Joining as a Preferred Supplier is Your Link to a Network of Contractors and Increased Sales.

Preferred Supplier Benefits

  1. New Sales Opportunities – As a Preferred Supplier we will work with you to increase your exposure and grow your business with Group Edge contractor members. The current members spend over 33 million on products & services annually.
  2. Promotion to a Focused Target Market – As a Preferred Supplier you have many opportunities to increase market exposure. We will assist by promoting your brand thru monthly e-newsletters, networking events, individual member meetings and website link.
  3. Gain an Advantage on the Competition – By limiting Preferred Suppliers in each category, you gain the edge over other suppliers you compete with.
  4. Long Term Growth – We project growth of 50 contractor members annually which translates into continual opportunities for additional sales.
  5. Savings on Products & Services – As a Preferred Supplier, save money by supporting other suppliers within Group Edge

Become a Preferred Supplier

You may qualify as a Preferred Supplier if you can provide a Product or Service that is not currently offered to Group Edge members.

Annual membership @ $299 or Lifetime Membership @ $999.

Preferred Supplier Agreement