Buying A Home

In today’s age of computers and easily accessible information we truly live in a time where we can reserch anything at a seconds notice from the convenience of a phone.  That power coupled with the ever growing trend of “doing it yourself” has people attempting many things beyond their own training and capability. If you are considering “doing it yourself” with real estate, here’s where working with a professional can help.


When Buying a home your agent helps you in numerous ways including saving you time – we search for potential properties that might meet your requirements, set up the showings at your convenience and show you the properties of your choice.  We are loyal and are working for you, if you contact the listing agent you have to understand they have loyalties to their client and motivation to sell.  We see a large amount of homes and are very experienced with potential risks, which we will point out in order to steer you away from any potential dangers.  Once we’ve found the right property we ensure that you are buying good value for your money, invariably there are some dangers with overpaying for a home.  We have access to a wealth of information and are able to source background information on properties of interest.  We are professional negotiators, it is without fail a part of every deal we do.  When ready, we go through the offer writing process with you and write in conditions for your protection and benefit.  We continue to save you time by conveying all documents and co-ordinating all aspects of the sale.


When selling we determine the market value of you home, so as to enter the market at the right price and shield you from the dangers of over or under pricing your home.  We assist you in the presentation and staging of your home and prepare you for the market.  We keep your safety & security at the forefront of what we do.  We pre-qualify buyers before accompanying them on a showing of your house.  We allow safe access to co-operating agents who have pre-qualified buyers interested in your house.  We negotiate any offer keeping your best interests in the focus of the deal, and ensure that all conditions work out to your protection and benefit.  We convey all information, documents etc. and co-ordinate all aspects of the sale.


These are just a few benefits of working with your own agent.  Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

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